How to Find Working ATM Machines and Cash Around You

These days there is heavy rush in Bank and ATM to transact or deposit cash. People are waiting long time in outside of ATM. Needless to say, people are suffering as they now have no money to transact. Moreover, many have stormed the banks to exchange their money but that’s not an easy task. The banks have been overcrowded with a huge number of people further making the task even more difficult. The problem is that you are waiting since for hours at outside of ATM and later on you known the ATM is not working properly for transaction. Today I’m going to discuss on working ATM Finder Tool.

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If you are tired of standing in long queues only to find out that the ATM is not working or if the ATM is out of cash. Then you can use this simple trick to find out if a particular ATM is out of cash or is working or not.  Today in this article I’m gonna explain you how you can check by yourself which ATM machine is working or which have cash to withdraw.

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Working ATM Finder Tool

CMS, that calls itself India’s largest Cash Management and Payment Solutions firm. This is the world’s fourth largest ATM Cash Management company. The CMS has launched a web-application called CMS ATM Finder to help cash withdrawers find working ATMs around them. “A working ATM is probably top-most on most people’s minds right now.

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Even as we are working round the clock to get as many ATMs as we can filled with cash, here’s another quick step from us to make life easier for all concerned we have created the CMS ATM Finder. It’s a ready reckoner of all the ATMs we manage that are dispensing cash,” the company said in a statement.

CMS ATM Finder Using the simple trick you can find nearest ATM and check the status of the ATM that is working or not.

Step 1. Follow the Link Given


Step 2. Select State and City in the given list

Once you selected State and City from the given list, this will find all the ATM with details that is working or not. Just for demonstration purpose I’ve searched with the following State and City and it given the details.

CMS ATM Finder


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