How to Stop Windows Update in Windows 10 Just In Few Steps

Hey guys we know that at the time of Windows 10 launch, it has become the point of interest for almost every person around the world and has also become an issue of reluctance because of its tremendous features and graphical user interface. These days people are not liking the automatic updates that are being imposed by Microsoft on the Windows 10. So if you want to escape from this mystery go through the under mentioned how to stop windows 10 update. As these updates take a huge amount of time to get installed and also slow down the processing.

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Stop Windows 10 Update

How to Stop Windows 10 Update?


We can stop Windows 10 update that’s why in order to stop these forced updates I have come up with this article of How to turn off Windows update in Windows 10? In which I will provide you the relevant steps that you need to perform in order to stop these automatic updates. The Microsoft’s previous  Windows iterations like Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 has the option either in the control panel or the settings but in Windows 10 this option is hidden.

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Initially, the options come with Automatic (recommended) so in order to stop these automatic updates we need to turn these automatic updates off.  So it might be a tough job for people to stop it by here you will be guided step by step.

Stop windows 10 update


Steps Perform to Stop Automatic updates

  • From your desktop screen click on the Windows icon which is on the left-hand side bottom of your main screen
  • There you will be able to see settings tap on settings
  • Select update & security in settings
  • Now select Advanced options which are present at the bottom
  • Tap on Advanced options
  • Then you will see choose how updates are installed
  • Which was set to Automatic recommended
  • Choose select notify to schedule start using the drop down
  • Then you can install the updates whenever you want

Windows 10 key

How to turn off Windows 10 Update?

Even after these updates are downloaded then the PC will automatically install them. Even if you are doing something and also slow down your system in some cases. So please do not scared because of it a normal behavior that Windows 10 does in order to improvise the changes. These changes need to be done and are mandatory.

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These updates are installed in order to keep your computers up to date from bugs and errors. Yes, but sometimes all we want to get rid of these automatic updates. So go through the steps mentioned in the article of how to stop Windows 10 auto update.

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We hope you liked the article, even though you find something that we missed, then please do let us know. As you can mention them in the comment section below. Thank you so much for reading this article on how to stop Windows update in Windows 10. Stay tuned for more latest and wonderful updates. We will not forget to keep you up to date.

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