How to Remove Shortcut Virus Permanently From PC/Laptop and Pendrive

Howdy guys, there is no any doubt that you are aware from shortcut virus because if you are a computer user then one of these days you have been frustrated from the shortcut virus. You might worry to see when your important files and folders are automatically converted into Shortcut Folders on your PC/Laptop or Pen-drive. Really this is an harmful virus that delete the original files and folders and replace it with the shortcut. When you seen the shortcut of your important files and folders in your PC/Laptop, you were trying to remove shortcut virus immediately without wasting any time. And you were die trying to delete these shortcuts from your PC/Laptop but they are so stubborn that they won’t go out from your PC.

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Have you noticed ever? Once you deleted the shortcut virus from your PC it comes again after few seconds. You see again there is the shortcut of your files and folders in your PC. After trying several times finally you started searching on google, and browsing many pages there but you didn’t get anything worthy.

Remove Shortcut virus

Finally, I decided to write the solution for those people who are searching to remove shortcut virus from their PC/Laptop or Pen-drive. And, Here I prepared the guide on How you can remove shortcut virus from your drives?

Remove Shortcut Virus from PC/Laptop

Before moving to steps of deleting shortcut virus from every drive. Lets know about shortcut virus, what these are? and how does it affect to the files and folders on your computer? and several important points on this. So lets start.

What is a Shortcut Virus?

I think no one is there who is unknown from the word Shortcut Virus. You already know about it very well that’s why you landed on this page to remove shortcut virus. I’m explaining in short and simple words here

Shortcut virus is a virus that enters in to your PC/Laptop, Hard Disk, Pen-drive, Memory cards or mobile phone and change your files into shortcuts with the original folder icons. It hides the original files and folders and created the shortcut. It can’t let you open directly to your files.

Why this Shortcut Virus Occurs in PC/Laptop or Pen-drive?

You always think about why this shortcut virus occurs to your PC, this is a meaningful question to know. Here is the answer for this query :

  1. If you are not using a powerful antivirus to your PC/Laptop. And insert it without scanning in your PC through inserting someone’s pen-drive, memory card or hard-disk. Pen-drive might have lots of virus like trojan.
  2. If you are not updating antivirus on the time (before it expired). When you update the antivirus it updates the older database with new one.
  3. If your antivirus is not able to update its programs to latest available version. Updated antiviruses has more number of anti-threat programs then its previous version.
  4. By opening unknown sources i.e. files and folders which have hidden malicious script inside.
  5. By downloading untrusted third party applications which have virus.
  6. Plugging your USB drive in someone’s else computer which contains virus.

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What are the types of Shortcut Viruses?

There are mainly three types of shortcut viruses. These are the following:

  • Drive shortcut virus

This type of virus creates shortcut of whole drive in the computer. It doesn’t matter what type of computer drive is.

  • Folder shortcut virus

As the name suggests a folder shortcut virus creates the shortcut of all folder contains file and data.

  • File shortcut virus

This type of virus creates the shortcut of an executable file or any type of data that is in your computer. This shortcut virus is less effective among all three types.

How to remove shortcut virus from PC/ Pen-drive or any drive?

There are six methods which can help you to remove shortcut virus from your pc:

1. Delete Shortcut Virus using CMD

  • First of all open CMD (command prompt). [Go to Run -> type CMD ->Hit enter]
  • Type the name of your computer drive or any removal drive and a colon.
  • Hit enter. [Example:- f:]
  • Now type:

    (Replace f: with your drive name that you want to remove shortcut virus)
  • Then press enter.

Remove shortcut virus using command

  • It will take some time according to drive size and shortcut virus will be remove.

2. Remove Shortcut Virus using software

  • Remove Shortcut virus using USB Fix :

  1. Download USB Fix. (File size is very less approx 4MB)
  2. Now connect your USB drive / External HDD drive which contains the shortcut virus.
  3. Run UsbFix software.
  4. Click on Clean.

USB fix

5. On clicking it, the process to remove shortcut virus will start. It will then ask you to restart your PC.

USB fix scanning

  • Remove Shortcut virus Using Shortcut Virus Remover :

  1. Download Shortcut Virus Remover.
  2. Connect your all USB drive/External HDD drive which contains the shortcut virus.
  3. Now, run the software.
  4. Enter the Drive Letter that you want to remove the shortcut virus.
  5. Click on Clean Virus.

Shortcut virus remover

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3. Using WinRAR to retrieve original files

  1. Download WinRAR.
  2. Run the WinRAR software.
  3. Now move on to your infected drive in your computer. Inside it, you’ll find all your files safe and clearly visible.
  4. Select all (Ctrl + A)Right Click and Add Files to Archive and choose a name you like (Example : – NewFileName.rar).
  5. Open My Computer, open your infected drive. You’ll find an archive there. Cut and Paste it somewhere safe in your hard disk drive.
  6. Format your infected drive using quick format.
  7. After formatting, extract the backup WinRAR archive file and paste it again into the drive.

4. BAT file method to Remove Virus Permanently

  1. Press Win+R and type Notepad.
  2. Type or copy the below code in notepad.

  3. Make sure that you replaced Drive with your drive name (Example:- G:).
  4. Save it on your desktop with any name that you want.
  5. Now close notepad and go to desktop and double click on the BAT file that you have just created.
  6. All shortcut viruses from the respective drive will now be removed in couple of seconds and your original files will restored.

5. Deleting Virus directly from registry

  • Open Task Manager by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc.
  • Click on the Processes tab, find “.exe”. Select it and then click End Process.
  • Open Run dialog box (Win + R key), type regedit.

Registry Entries

  • This will open the Registry Editor. Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER

Reg Editor

  • Once you navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER you will find the option Software just click on that.

Reg Editor Software

  • Now expand to Microsoft


  • Then go to  Windows

Reg Editor Windows

  • Then navigate to CurrentVersion

Current Version

  • You will see Run option there.


  • Look for a registry key named odwcamszasDelete it.
  • This will delete Shortcut Virus completely from your computer.

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6. By Tweaking CONFIG

  1. Type ” %temp% ” in Run. This will open the Temporary Files folder.
  2. Search for ” .vbs ” . If found, delete it.
  3. Again, open the Run and type in msconfig. Go to Startup Tab, delete vbs.

How You can prevent Shortcut Virus in the Future?

  1. Always keep your antivirus up to date. This will update the database definition of your Antivirus.
  2. Avoid using any USB drive without scanning.
  3. If you do not have any antivirus program in your computer then it must to use windows defender.
  4. If you do not have any antivirus, then keep your Bluetooth turned off.
  5. Keep running boot scans once in a month.
  6. Do not trust any unknown source and do not download any file from unauthorized site.

I hope it will help you in solving your shortcut virus problem by following the above steps. If not then, comment below I’ll help you.

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  2. Hi Umesh, thank you for listing so many basic knowledge and useful methods for removing shortcut virus from PC. I will try some of them in no time.

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