Reliance Jio Offers 1 Year Unlimited 4G Data For LYF Smartphones

Hi friends as we know that Reliance Jio has overcome the crisis of data as well as voice call plan these days. Today I’m here with a very good news to all LYF smartphone users, Reliance Jio extends their free unlimited 4g data offer to 1 year. This preview offer is only for LYF smartphone users. Recently Jio announced that, Jio sim with unlimited preview offer will be available for all 4G smartphones. And so now all 4g smartphones users are able to get jio with unlimited preview offer of 3 months validity.  But in this article, today i am here with a new update, Reliance jio 1 Year Unlimited 4G Data for LYF smartphones. That means the Lyf smartphone users will get unlimited 4G data for 1 year. 

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Reliance Jio 1 Year Unlimited 4G Data For LYF Smartphones

The reliance jio had launched their sim in India with preview offer in Lyf smartphones. At the time of jio launch the preview offer is only available for Lyf smartphones. That time the Reliance Jio had launched offer as – Unlimited Preview offer for 3 months validity for all Lyf smartphone users. That means all LYF smartphone users will get 3 months unlimited 4G data + Unlimited voice calls and SMS. This was the old offer for all LYF smartphones. But today we got a news from Phoneradar , that is the Jio preview offer of unlimited 4G data for 3 months got extended to 1 year. It means, for all LYF phone users will get unlimited 4G data with 1-year validity. 


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Jio Unlimited 1 Year 4G  Data Offer for LYF Smartphones – Full details


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As per the news we get, the Reliance Jio extends the 3 months preview offer for 1 year with unlimited 4G data. But there are some changes from ordinary jio preview offer. The 1-year unlimited offer doesn’t include the unlimited voice calls and SMS. The new offer includes only 1 year unlimited 4G data.

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I hope you guys got enough details about jio’s latest LYF smartphone unlimited 4g offer. Still, if u have any doubts then please comment it below, we will reply you asap. Also please share this ‘Jio Unlimted 1 year 4g data offer fro LYF smartphones‘ news with your friends too.


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