Read WhatsApp Message By Voice in Android Devices

WhatsApp is an instant messaging app for Android, iOS, Windows and Symbian. Due to its instant messaging features it is more popular than Facebook. People use WhatsApp for communication to others by sending text messages, voice messages. WhatsApp has also released Video Calling feature that makes it more featureful social app. Have you ever thought, you can read WhatsApp message by voice? WhatsApp notify you when you receive any new message from someone.

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But when you are busy in some work or while driving or in gym then you can’t read the message immediately. If it is an important message and you missed that time then it can be a problem for you.

WhatsApp messenger

So the question arises is there any tricks by which you can read WhatsApp message by voice? Answer is Yes.

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Now you can read WhatsApp message by voice in your Android Smartphone. Today I’m here with a trick in which I’ll show you how it is possible. Just follow the given steps below.

Read Whatsapp Message By Voice

You can read WhatsApp message by voice and this is possible by an Android app named Message Reader For WhatsApp. This Android app will help you to read the text messages by voice using Google text-to-speech features. Download this app from Google Play Store from the given link below.


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Message reader for whatsapp

This app has many features such as if you are connected the headphone, Bluetooth while driving or gym it will use the particular devices only not a phone speaker. You can cancel the speech option when you open the WhatsApp, Also user can change the volume and language options.

WhatsApp for Android, iPhone, Windows

This app also supports Group chat message reader option enable or disable as per our decision. If you are using Samsung mobile then you can also change the Samsung text-to-speech features.

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Message Reader for WhatsApp

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Message Reader For WhatsApp

This App read messages from WhatsApp in voice using Google Text-to-speech.
Main features are –

  • Headphone mode available that reads messages only when headphone is connected.
  • Bluetooth mode to use while you driving or at gym
  • Option to cancel reading messages when you having WhatsApp opened.
  • Settings available to change settings for language,volume etc.
  • You can disable and enable app whenever you want using settings.



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    Really this is a great post. Message reader for WhatsApp is a nice app for read all WhatsApp message as voice.

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