How to Increase Maximum Volume of Windows 7, 8, 8.1 PC?

We know that in every Windows version there is default media player that is windows media player. As many reasons Windows computer default sound volume is not enough for the users while using windows media player. We require loud volume but windows media player does not provide the required level. In this cause, they can increase the volume using Windows media player, but some users still feel not enough the volume. Today I’m going to show you a trick by using this you can increase windows volume maximum.

windows 7

If your are unaware from this trick then read the article at last. We can increase windows volume level up to 30% without any third party software or media player. Now without wasting your time moving on the point just follow these simple steps.

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Increase Windows Volume

Following steps guide you to increase the maximum volume in Windows 7, 8, 8.1 computer:

Windows Volume

 1.  Go to Start then Control Panel

Control Panel

2. Click on Hardware and Sound


3.  Click on Sound


4.  Select Speakers (Default Device) then Click on Properties


Step 5 : Under Enhancements Tab check the Loudness Equalization Option


Step 6 : Click on Apply and OK button to save the settings

Now you can check your computer sound volume increased maximum louder. You must install audio driver for your windows according to PC/Laptop.

In the alternative method, you can increase volume by using VLC media player, this media player increase the music volume up to 200%.

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