How to Hide a Computer Drive in Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10

Hello friends If you are a Windows user then there is no doubt in that you will not listen about hiding or locking. You would probably know how to hide or lock a folder or file which has confidential data. To hide or lock a folder we generally use some folder encryption software. These software are good to hide for some little amount of folders and files. But if you have large amount of data that you want to hide then it would be a very difficult to hide each folder one by one. In this article we will learn How we can Hide Computer Drives in Windows.

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It will be lengthy and time taken process. But you can do this by moving all the files and folders in a drive and hide that drive completely.

how to hide drive in windows 7

Hide Computer Drives in Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10

We can hide a computer drive in windows so you no need to worry about your confidential data. You also no need to hide each and every folder one by one that carry your data. The hidden drive will not be seen in Windows File Explorer. But it can be accessed through a Command Prompt or by typing the drive letter in the address bar of Explorer.

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Computer security

So, when someone uses your Windows PC, they do not know that there is such a drive existing in your PC and your confidential data is safe. This can be done in Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 / 10. I have a tricks by which you can hide your computer hard drive in various ways.

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There are many ways to hide a drive in Windows.

  • Disk Management
  • Diskpart Command in CMD.

We will see these all ways step by step, so that you can implement the same to hide a drive in your Windows PC.

Hide Computer Drives using Disk Management

Before start hiding I’m showing you drive in My Computer. There are 3 drives in My Computer named Local Disk (C:), Local Disk (F:) and Local Disk (G:)

My computer

Now lets start.

Step 1 : Right Click on My Computer and then click Manage.

In Computer Management Console open Storage by double clicking on it.


Step 2 : Now, double-click on Disk Management.

Disk Management

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Disk Management Console opens up and you can see all drives of your PC.

disk space


Step 3 : Choose the drive which you want to hide and right click on it. Click ‘Change Letter and Paths’

Select drive


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Step 4 : It will show you Drive Name there now click on Remove button.

Remove drive letter


Step 5 : When you click on Remove Button it will ask your permission, click Yes.

Allow access


You can see here in My Computer Local Disk(F:) is hidden.

My computer drive

Bingo its done.

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How to Show Hidden Drive in My Computer

Repeat the above steps to show again your Computer Drive that is hidden.

Step 1 : Go to Computer ->Manage -> Storage -> Disk Management

You will see here the hidden drive letter is removed.

computer drive


Step 2 : Right click on that and Click on  Change Drive Letter and Paths ‘ again.

Hidden Drive Letter


Step 3 : You will see an Add button. Click on Add Button

Add Drive letter


Step 4 : Select Drive Name from Combobox and click OK.

Select Drive Name


You can see here My Computer Drive is showing again.

My computer


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Hide Computer Drives using CMD


1] Open command prompt in your Windows PC.

Command prompt


2] Type Diskpart and hit Enter.



3] Type List Volume and hit Enter.


List Volume


3] Now type Select and the numeral against the letter of the Drive (eg. it could be G Drive), which you want to hide. For instance, it could be Select Volume G. Hit Enter.


Select Volume


4] Finally, type Remove Letter G and hit Enter.

Remove Drive letter

You will see a message – Diskpart successfully removed the drive letter or mount point.

After that You can check My Computer, your drive will not show there.

To show the hidden drive, follow the steps mentioned above.





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