Computer Security Tips : How to Make More Secure to Your Computer/Laptop

Howdy, guys data security in our Computer/Laptop is a crucial part these days. Computer Security is the protection of computing systems and the data that they store or access. Data can be hacked and stolen from your system. So the major factor is that how you can protect your system from stolen your important data. Today I’m here with some tips which will enable you to make your PC more secure.

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Computer security

Why is Computer Security So Important?

Computer security is more important these days. Our computer contains lots of confidential and important data. If the data is hacked or stolen by someone it can be misuse by that person. Prevention of data theft such as bank account numbers, credit card information, passwords, work related documents or sheets, etc. is essential in today’s communications since many of our day to day actions depend on the security of the data paths.

Computer Security

Data present in a computer can also be misused by unauthorized intrusions. An intruder can modify and change the program source codes and can also use your pictures or email accounts to create derogatory content such as pornographic images, fake misleading and offensive social accounts.

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Malicious intents can also be a factor in computer security. Intruders often use your computers for attacking other computers or websites or networks for creating havoc. Vengeful hackers might crash someone’s computer system to create data loss. DDOS attacks can be made to prevent access to websites by crashing the server.
Above factors imply that your data should remain safe and confidential. Therefore, it is necessary to protect your computer and hence the need for Computer Security arises.

How to Make More Secure Your Computer/Laptop

We can protect important data of PC/Laptop from stolen by other. Computer Security is the process of preventing and detecting unauthorized use of your computer. It involves the process of safeguarding against intruders from using your computer resources. These resources are accessed for malicious intents or for their own gains.

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Computer Security is concerned with four main areas:

1. Confidentiality:- Only authorized users can access the data resources and information.
2. Integrity:- Only authorized users should be able to modify the data when needed.
3. Availability:- Data should be available to users when needed.
4. Authentication:- Are you really communicating with whom you think you are communicating with?

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Here are some tips which will enable you to make your PC more secure. Follow these guides.


1. Never, ever turn off the resident protection of your antivirus even if it decreases performance. Upgrade if necessary.

2. Keep your virus definitions up-to-date. Use the automatic update feature of your anti-virus and try not to ignore the “Do you want to update now” message however often it might pop up.

antivirus3. Even if you update regularly and you have not seen any suspicious activity on your PC, do a deep scan at least once a month.

4. Always create an emergency boot disk and keep it in a safe place.

5. Run a deep scan in safe mode at least once every two months to kill viruses that would otherwise remain hidden.

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1. If you are unsure about the alert displayed by your firewall, try searching it on the internet.

2. A firewall is a powerful tool that requires an understanding of how the program works and exactly what it is doing and whether it is secure or not. Reading the help files is extremely important in successful configuration of your firewall.


3. If you are running a third party firewall, be sure to turn off the Windows Firewall.

4. You can temporarily disable a firewall by right clicking the icon in the tray. This is handy when you know a site is one you can trust but your firewall is blocking it. But remember to re-enable it as soon as possible.

5. Read firewall notices carefully when they pop up so that you don’t let a bad thing in or prevent good traffic.

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1. You should regularly check for updates. Enable the automatic update feature.

Anti Spyware2. Remember to do a scan every now and then, or schedule scans if your program allows it. If you don’t want to sit that long for scans to complete, use a single folder for all your downloads, then scan only that folder, Windows installation folder and the Registry. Alternately, you can do a quick scan if your program allows it.

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1. Be patient with anti-spam software, it will get better over time.

2. Even if it looks that your anti-spam software is working great, periodically check the ‘Spam’ folder for good mail. None of the anti-spam software is perfect right now.

Anti Spam

3. Don’t give your anti-spam software too much rules, because it will not learn anything then. It is better if it learns on its own.


Using above tips you can make your computer more secure and protect your data against hack by someone. For any query or suggestion don’t forget to leave a comment in the below comment box. Stay tuned with Factskart for more tips and tricks.

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