How to Check Someone’s WhatsApp Last Seen without Reading Messages

Hello guys WhatsApp Messenger is a popular messaging application with full of secrets. It is not just a social app that is used to communicate with your friends or family members. Most of you are unaware from secret of WhatsApp. Whenever you read someone’s message in WhatsApp it tick out blue. So by this cause that person will show your last seen. But if someone texted you in WhatsApp and you want to see his/her last seen so for this you will have to open his/her message. But today I’m here with a new trick that will help you to Check someone’s WhatsApp last seen without reading messages. Yes, you heard right.

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Check Someone’s WhatsApp Last Seen without Reading Message

Day by day WhatsApp is upgrading its feature as per requirements. WhatsApp has also released its video calling feature that makes it more popular. Before we proceed further it is important that you should know what is WhatsApp Last Seen and what can people tell after seeing it on the messenger?

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WhatsApp Last Seen is a timestamp which indicates your last activity on WhatsApp Messenger. Any person can open your profile on their whatsapp and have a look at WhatsApp Last Seen to know when you used the WhatsApp last time.

Do not confuse Last Seen with Online status. Online status means that you are connected to Internet but it does not mean that you are using WhatsApp at the moment. However, the last seen status indicates your last activity of the messenger with the accurate time. Just follow these simple steps and Check someone’s WhatsApp last seen without reading messages.

Step 1 : Open WhatsApp Chats

WhatsApp contact

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Step 2 : Select WhatsApp Contact that you want to see last seen.


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Step 3 : Now go to option menu and click on View contact


Step 4 : See the last seen there.WhatsApp options


Bingo its done, you have seen the last seen without reading message.

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