Top 6 Health and fitness Apps for Android Smartphones

Physical fitness may be a general state of health and well-being and, a lot of specifically, the flexibility to perform aspects of sports, occupations and daily activities. Good shape is mostly achieved through correct nutrition, moderate-vigorous workout, and sufficient rest.  Before the commercial revolution, fitness was outlined because the capability to hold out the day’s activities while not undue fatigue. However, with automation and changes in lifestyles good shape is currently thought of a live of the body’s ability to perform expeditiously and effectively. Staying healthy and fit isn’t a one day task it’s a everyday activity which people feel robust in our way of life vogue however here we have a tendency to go along with the health apps which may facilitate us to take care of healthiness and build our everyday activities straightforward. In this article today I’m sharing you best fitness apps for Android smartphones.

top 6 android fitness app

Best Fitness Apps for Android

These health apps will guide you well for your workouts in addition as regulate you with do’s and don’t’s and even track your daily performances.

These apps can track your heart rate, hard work, sleep and also you can share your records with your friends in social media too

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1. 30 Day Fit Challenge Workout

30 Day Fit Challenge Workout

This app is very beneficial for those who have lack of time due to their busy day to day life. You can do workout at home by using this app, this is suited for anybody at any time. The 30 Day Fit Challenge Workout, designed by a professional fitness coach, is scientifically proven to help improve fitness and health. Also, this app can synchronize with burned calorie data on Google Fit. Stick with the program, and you will see amazing results.


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2. Jefit  Pro-Workout and Fitness

JefitJefit pro has a huge data of 1300+ workout exercise and free profile hosting online. In this app you can search workouts according to which particular exercise you need to do and find all complete instructions which you need. It guides you great. In this app you can track all the exercise and workouts you do and even share it with your friends which motivates you more to maintain your good health and fitness.

This app also helps you to create your own fitness plans according to your health and supports you to maintain good health. This app is paid in google play store and free.

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3. Instant Heart Rate Pro

Instant-Heart-Rate-Android-Apps-on-Google-PlayThis app principally measures your pulse rate by pursuit color changes on the finger print by victimization your device inherent camera. The amendments within the color contains a link with the heartbeat rate and this app calculates the heartbeat rate and helps you to point out the important time PPG graph. This app as a plus of saving your history wherever you’ll be able to compare your pulse rate together with your previous days and check your enhancements.


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4. Endomondo Sports Tracker

Endomondo Sports TrackerThis apps helps you higher for everyday performance because it will track your activity by measure the gap of what proportion you walk, what proportion you run, and the way long you are doing athletics which inspires you to develop your health day by day. during this app you’ll manually add your own work outs and exercise and track your pulse rate whereas you’re doing the exercise that is sort of fascinating. It tracks your route and history. you’ll be able to contend along with your friends by posting it with the assistance of sensible watches and bike speed integration.


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5. Workout Trainer

workout trainer

This app has an distinctive advantage of guiding you with audio and video during which you’ll be able to watch listen and learn the workouts and exercise. during this app you’ll be able to play your favorite music and build your playlists for your everyday routines and even share your progress in social media. This app is free in google play strore and paid version is obtainable too.


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6. Noom Weight Loss Coach

 Top Developer Noom Coach: Health & WeightThis apps major intention is to assist you loose your weight and gain smart fitness. it’s each interactive and customized weight loss plans and exercise tracker with measuring system with the help of GPS support it tracks all of your performances. This app have healthy articles concerning health which may assist you follow better. Make the leap from knowing what you need to do to get healthy to actually doing something about it with the help of a dedicated Noom coach. Your coach will follow what you’re doing in the app and support you through a structured program tailored to your specific health goals.


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