Best Android APK To Root Your Android Phones Without PC/Computer

Today I’m back with an awful article for my users, how to Root android Smartphones without computer. In this article i will be able to show how to root android phone, I’m sharing here best android Apk which is able to assist you to rooting an android phone. This methodology is innocuous of exhausting bricking of android phones. This methodology is 100% safe for rooting android phone. Many folks root there android devices to hack WLAN passwords or to try some cool Stuffs. There are several apps within the internet like  iroot APK, Framaroot, Kingroot. There are scores of technique to root your android phone with computer. Therefore I’m going to tell you another strategies how to root android phones without computer.

root android

Root is not only for Android smartphones. Even you can root your tablet also. You can root without pc, tablets are also similar to pc root tablet. So the methods I’m sharing with you will also work for your tablet.  Here I have some best tecnhique on  how to root android phones. You can root your Android phone with PC also but it will take so much time and if you make any mistake there are high chances of your phone getting Hard Brick. So there are very easy steps using root explorer apk, to rooting android phone. So lets start the process to check best root apps.Best APK To Root Android Phones

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What is root ?

Rooting is the process of allowing users of smartphones, tablets and other devices running the Android mobile os to give privileges of controlling. Root is Su binary that is installed in you android smartphone, once rooting android smartphone you’ll be able to access all files of your android Smartphone. In other word you’ll be able to access to all or any software and hard ware of your android smartphone, before rooting you can’t access any Hardware files, its secured by the developer. There are certain Apps like king root, kingo root , Super Su Apk , Frama root, that simply facilitate any android user to root and unroot any android smartphone. Best APK To Root android Phones

Why we Root Android Phones ?

  1. You can Access all files of your mobile, whether they are present within the root directory of your storage or anywhere else. By giving root permissions, you’ll be able to Edit or Delete any system file.
  2. you can increase battery life, by under clocking cpu of your android mobile. Which is able to let your phone battery for long-standing.
  3. Install custom ROM like CM11 or CM12 or the other ROM. There are custom ROM out there now a days like MIUI, Carbon ROM etc.
  4. Increase your mobile performance by over clock-king it, by ever-changing the frequency of CPU of your android mobile. By which you’ll be able to easily speed up your android mobile without any downside.
  5. Internal Memory can even be enlarged when rooting your android mobile, as you’ll be able to swap your internal, further as memory card without any drawback simply by edit vold.fstab file in the root directory which may be accessed once you root your android mobile.

I’ve provide you the entire details why we need to root android Smartphones and what are the advantages of rooting android smartphones. Now lets checkout which Android apps are best for root android phones.

Best APK To Root Android Phones Without PC

Here is the best apk to root your Android phone with out any issues during root Android smartphone.

KingRoot Apk

kingrootKingRoot is an application that lets you root your Android device in a matter of seconds, as long as you have an operating system between Android 4.2.2 and Android 5.1. This means that this app lets you do the same thing as the classic Towelroot, but you can use it even if you have Lollipop.The procedure to root your device is as simple as Towelroot. Even if the app is entirely in Chinese, the only thing you have to do is press on the blue button and wait. After a couple of seconds, the application finishes working and you’ll have your rooted device.

Download Now


framarootThis is one in every of the simplest apk to root android in barely one click.When we point out rooting any phone without computer. This APK remains best APK ever to root any mobile without PC/Computer.  Framaroot apk has rooted thousands of devices that support its exploits. This app may be a must contend each phone. Framaroot apk has several exploits to root any android device without PC/Computer. Most of the exploits of Framaroot are created for MTK chipset android phones though. Follow below strategies to root your android mobile download Framaroot.


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SupersuSuperSU is the Superuser access management tool of the future. It privileges administration tool that allows you to administrator the privileges enjoyed by all of the apps you have installed. Supersu binary Basically, it gives you total control over your Android device.One of the options that SuperSU provides is the possibility to perform a temporary ‘unroot’ of your device so that you can take advantage of content that only unrooted devices can use. supersu zip is a very useful tool that replace any other application , offering an accessible interface with some interesting features.

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kingo Root

KingorootKingo SuperUser is a superuser access management tool for rooted Android devices. It is a fine alternative for SuperSU to manage root permission after rooting your Android. KingoRoot, both PC and APK version, offers the easiest and fastest Android rooting experience for almost all devices and has the highest success rate. This is one of best rooting apk undoubtedly which you can give a shot. If you are unable to root your android mobile using Frama root and Kingroot,


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Baidu Root

BaiduapkBaiduRoot is one of popular app which is available for both PC and mobile to root android phone. BaiduRoot can root almost every device (According to them, BaiduRoot supports more than 6000 devices currently). Moreover, Baidu Root has its own su permission app which is different from SuperSU This version of the app is translated into English so you don’t need to get worried about any complexities during the app’s operation.

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iroot apkThis is one another best android apk to root android phone without any need of computer/PC. iRoot is a popular name among power-android users. This is a Chinese app, but there are many mods available for this app in English version. Last years, iRoot made a great position its users as they are continously providing updates to its users to support more newer models too. iRoot APK is developed by the developers of Vroot to provides more flexibility to users.


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Easy Method to Root Android Phone Using App

  • Download root apps apk from the on top of links.
  • After Downloading install and open the app.
  • If pop-up happens asking Installation is blocked, then Click on Settings.
  • click on Unknown sources.
  • Install the root App.
  • After installing Open the App and click on Root.
  • That’s it currently currently the rooting process complete.


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